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Wedding at the beach

Galazia Akti is the ideal venue for your destination wedding

Take a pause and imagine your wedding day. Think about the ideal place and atmosphere that you would like to embrace on one of the most important days of your life.

What colors would you add to this image? What scents? Which temperature would you choose? How warm, how cold? Do you maybe dream of getting married in a seaside chapel and having your wedding feel like as if it was held in an island?

Τhere are only so many reasons why you should consider Galazia Akti as the ideal place for your destination wedding.

The venue

A sandy beach with crystal blue waters surrounded by trees and greenery is what most couples dream of when they decide to choose a location away from their hometown to plan their wedding.

This breathtaking natural blend would motivate most of us to say yes to the wonderful journey of destination weddings. That is why Greece has always been found high on the Destination wedding list with Greek islands being its gems. This ideal beachfront scenery is not only found on our beautiful Greek islands but you may enjoy it if you decide to plan your wedding at Galazia Akti!

Let your worries drift away by the summer breeze and set your mind and soul free next to infinite blue and the venue’s breathtaking view.

Galazia Akti, on the beautiful beach of Schinias, offers its visitors a new multi-purpose space with modern and renovated facilities of a high standard.

Intertwining elegance with contemporary sophistication, Galazia Akti promises to offer the most memorable wedding experience to couples looking to host their wedding on a sandy beach and dance allnight long to the sounds of the waves.

The team of Galazia Akti has planned this special day’s setup for you with deep care and detail to create a unique atmosphere of high aesthetics.

The wedding party will take place on the beach with reception candlelit tables and a moonlit sea view that takes our breath away! What makes this scenery perfect are  the trees that are almost touching the beach shore and the a picturesque chapel inside the venue for the ceremony.

The goal is to create a dreamlike experience that will leave its imprint in you and will meet your expectations as best as possible.


Is there more to see?

Apart from the fact that the venue is located near the Athens International Airport, (only 30’ minutes away!) which can make your guests’ transportation easier back and forth, its location is also ideal for excursions and sightseeing.

There is a lot to do and more to explore and this is a great opportunity for you to be introduced to different aspects of Greek culture.

  • Lake and Dam of Marathon

    The dam of Marathon and the Marathon Lake are totally worth a visit!

    The dam is often cited for its role in the modernization of Greece and was also designed to be symbolic of Ancient Greece, particularly Athenians and the Battle of Marathon.

    Τhe landscape will surely enchant you and a walk or ride over the dam can be ideal since the lake is surrounded by mountains full of very beautiful pine trees.

  • Hop on hop off Athens!

    Located near Greece’s capital, Athens, you will have the chance to visit one of the most powerful city-states and get to know its peculiarities. Just a few walks in the center are enough to fall in love with the Athenian atmosphere, while a visit to the Acropolis will bring you even closer to the historicity of the city.

  • You will also find the famous Parthenon here..

    Don’t forget to also visit the Acropolis Museum at the foot of the mountain. The Acropolis Museum is an archaeological site-specific museum, housing more than 3.000 famous artefacts from the Athenian Acropolis, the most significant sanctuary of the ancient city.

  • Island hopping!

    Craving an island holiday after discovering Athens? Popular islands like Andros, Tinos, Tzia are only an hour away from the Rafina port and we recommend them for a Bachelor or a pre-wedding party or Honeymoon celebrations.

    Create memorable experiences that include views of beautiful landscapes and seascapes, picturesque villages, and wonderful beaches.

    Just a short ferry or hydrofoil trip from the port, what you will mostly enjoy is the one-of-a-kind Greek hospitality.

  • Live the experience!

    For those and many other reasons that you will surely discover if you visit this place, Galazia Akti is recommended mostly for people who wish to celebrate their most precious day by offering love and unforgettable moments to their loved ones.