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Operating Regulations

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This regulation has been drawn up by the Directorate of the Blue Coast with the aim of helping visitors to use the beach facilities in a safe and orderly manner.
The entrance, the opening hours and the use of the facilities of the Blue Coast are defined by the Beach Management, which reserves the right to modify them according to the season.
For the safety of customers and to better serve them, the capacity of the Blue Coast beach has been set at 1500 (one thousand five hundred) people. In the event that the specific number is filled, the Beach Management will reserve the right to not allow the entry of a number of people that exceeds the above limit, based on the safety of the Visitors but also for the best and proper service.

  • Comfortable sunbeds and beach umbrellas /
  • Lounge Area with cushions & poufs
  • Basic First Aid / Portable
  • Defibrillator
  • Use of changing rooms, shower, WC
  • Disabled access
  • Internet points
  • Playground
  • Car parking
  • Restaurants, Bars
  • Service under your umbrella
  • Self-Service Bar
  • Church

The beach of the Blue Coast offers the necessary First Aid – Pharmacy to visitors in the event of a medical emergency, as defined by the Law.

On the beach there is a closed video recording circuit to record any illegal acts. All visitors’ personal data will be protected.

The Beach Management is not responsible for the inappropriate behavior of visitors, as well as for the problems or accidents that may be caused by such behavior.
Children should be under the constant supervision of their parents or chaperones, being aware of the potential dangers that may arise in a crowded beach.

Visitors are requested to keep the legal proof of entry and payment for their sunbeds and products throughout their stay on the beach and to show it for inspection by the Beach Managers, when requested.

The use of an individual towel on the sunbeds is mandatory.


  1. The entry of pets without a leash (“tied” and under the supervision of their owner).
  2. The use of a personal umbrella, deckchair or chair within the Blue Coast area.
  3. Camping & picnics in any area of the Blue Coast.
  4. The consumption of food or drinks that are not provided by the points of sale of the Blue Coast.
  5. Ball and racket games, except in the specially designed areas (for the safety of customers, it is not allowed in the shore area).
  6. Entering the restaurant with a swimsuit.
  7. The use of the café seats with a wet swimsuit and without the use of a personal towel.
  8. The entrance and exit from other places, except the main entrance – exit of the Coast.
  9. Entering an area not intended for bathers, without permission from the Directorate.
  10. Touring areas of the Coast, during the hours when the beach is not open.
  11. The use of a private sound system at such a volume that it disturbs other bathers.
  12. The use of free seats / deckchairs for a use other than that provided for (occupying the free seats for storing clothes, bags, etc.).
  13. The use of shampoo or other chemical liquids in the outdoor showers of the Coast.
  14. The destruction of any type of vegetation for any purpose. The destruction of the environment is prosecuted as well as the pollution of sea water.
  15. The destruction or other willful damage to equipment, machinery or facilities of the Coast. Violators will be prosecuted for damage to foreign property.
  16. The use of the changing rooms – showers outside the operating hours as well as for purposes other than those legally provided for.
  17. The use of wheeled vehicles in the areas of the coast, except in cases where permission has been granted by the Directorate.
  18. The stay of bathers on the Beach beyond the opening hours of the Beach.
  19. The reservation of umbrellas, the use of which is expressly indicated as not being exclusive.
  20. The parking of cars and motorcycles in the area in front of the central entrance of the beach.
  21. Nudism
  22. Alcohol consumption by persons under 18 years of age.

The Blue Coast Beach Management has the right to refuse entry to people who have a history of violent behavior or have created violent incidents within the beach in the past.
The Management has the right to remove people from the beach who are intoxicated or under the influence of drugs or who behave violently / inappropriately towards other visitors.
In the event of one of the above reasons or in the event of the commission of another criminal offence, the company has the right to file a lawsuit.

Upon entering the beach, all of the above regulations apply